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About Us

Little Miracles was born out of a genuine desire to provide quality care and education for young children in their most formative years. We recognise the importance of a good start in life, and we aim to give our young children a positive experience to remember long into adulthood!

We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and enable our children to learn through planned and unplanned experiences and play. We value outdoor play highly and our children spend a large chunk of the day playing outside.

We ensure each of our children have a Key Person assigned to them before they start, to make their settling in time as smooth as possible and to encourage positive relationships from the outset. The relationship between each child and their Key Person is fostered through cuddles, chats, one to one stories, fun, games and play. We pride ourselves in giving children such secure attachments that they are happy to come into preschool each morning and thoroughly enjoy their time with us.

We want our children to be ready for school when the time comes, so we place a strong emphasis on building relationships with one another, learning right from wrong, developing positive self esteem and of course learning to share their toys!

We also include more formal teaching elements in our day, such as learning the days of the week, talking about the weather, recognising letters and numbers and learning to write.This will allow our children to achieve their potential when they start at school.